Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of Team WS?

Team WS is a Joint Ownership venture aiming to acquire and produce an elite team of Jumpers here in New Zealand, and then compete with success on the international stage. Team WS will be a collaboration of individuals who share the same core principles, visions and goals – people who are committed to helping the Wilson sisters achieve their global dreams, and equally as passionate about supporting and improving the quality of Jumping within New Zealand.

How many horses will be on Team WS?

A maximum of 10 horses will be part of Team WS at any given time. Horses will be purchased progressively as new Owners come on board to provide the financial backing required to select stock of top quality. When all 250 Owner places are filled, you can expect the initial 10 Team WS horses to be secured.

How much does it cost to become an Owner?

The initial contribution to become registered as an Owner is $5000, which goes into the financing for the purchase of Team WS horses. Thereafter there is an annual contribution of $1200 to cover the expenses of developing and competing the team.*

The Wilson sisters hope that each and every Owner will be emotionally invested in this journey; the level of the initial contribution and the annual fee have been carefully chosen to reflect this, allowing this initiative to be accessible to all those who genuinely believe in the potential of Team WS.

Will the Team WS stallions be standing at stud?

Due to the recreational nature of Team WS, the stallions will not be available at stud to the public. However, as an exclusive benefit each Owner will receive a free service to a Team WS stallion of their choice, each breeding season.*

How can I become an Owner?

To enquire about becoming an Owner and to learn more about Team WS, please register your interest here to receive a full proposal.

*Terms and conditions apply.