Our Vision - a portfolio of top quality horses


Their ongoing success in New Zealand at the highest levels have given Vicki and Amanda the dream of representing our nation on the world stage. For this to become a reality, a strong support team and international-quality horsepower are needed.


The Wilson sisters have very humble beginnings, and have always had to work hard to support their love of horses. Their current World Cup Jumpers cost between $500 and $7000 each – a far cry from the six figures that some riders are able to pay for their horses. All of the Jumpers that Vicki and Amanda currently compete were wild cards that others had given up on, or had seen no potential in; the sisters have had to develop the skills needed to recognise and produce their hidden talents. Although these horses are now among the highest performing Jumpers in New Zealand, Vicki and Amanda are now looking for horses that are capable to compete internationally.


The Wilson sisters have come up with an exciting and innovative concept that they believe will revolutionise the nation’s Jumping industry at the same time as helping them achieve their goals. This concept is Team WS – an invitation-only collaboration of owners who share the same core principles, visions and goals. These are people who are committed to helping the sisters achieve international success while being equally as passionate about supporting and improving the quality of Jumping within New Zealand.