Owner Information


Owner contributions have been carefully chosen to reflect the Wilson sisters’ desire for this initiative to be accessible to all those who genuinely believe in the potential of Team WS.


Initial Contribution = $5000

Annual Contributions = $1200


To ensure that Team WS has sufficient capital to purchase an elite group of horses, up to 250 individual Owners may participate, allowing for a pool of NZ$1.25 million for the purchase of up to 10 foundation horses.



As an integral part of Team WS you will receive exclusive benefits:

  • Be part of a community of like-minded people.
  • Be part of a team performing at a high level.
  • Be involved in an innovative initiative that will revolutionise the sport horse industry.
  • Receive 40 per cent of horse sale surplus, distributed to Owners at the end of each operating year.
  • Attend Team WS Owner Functions and Open Days.
  • Receive professional portrait and competition photos of Team WS horses as high-resolution downloads.
  • Receive an Owner Login enabling access to exclusive content on the Team WS website.
  • Receive regular updates on horse progress, upcoming events and competition results.
  • If Team WS have stallions available for breeding, at the discretion of the Manager, Owners may be allocated non-transferable breeding rights in a breeding season. If demand outweighs availability, a ballot may be required to allocate straws year to year to ensure all Owners are wishing to breed have an equal opportunity. Conditions and collection fees apply.
  • An Owners Discount Code for the Wilson Sisters online shop (www.wilsonsisters.nz); by entering your unique code you will receive a 20% discount off all books, DVDs and merchandise.
  • Receive autographed fine art prints of significant Team WS moments.
  • An increase in the market value of the Initial Contribution; valuations on the horses will be carried out annually.